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       Wickman Working On New Thrust Vector Control For Mars Sample Return Mission

  • July 30, 2012 - Wickman Spacecraft & Propulsion Company's work with Mars jet engines and rocket engines was mentioned in a story by Fox News on future Mars rovers.

  • June 2, 2011 - Wickman Spacecraft & Propulsion Company was awarded a NASA contract to further develop and demonstrate a thrust vector control system for future Mars Sample Return missions. Click Here For More Information

  • January 29, 2010 - Wickman Spacecraft & Propulsion Company was awarded a NASA contract to develop a thrust vector control system for future Mars Sample Return missions. Click Here For More Information

  • March 20, 2009 - John Wickman, CEO of Wickman Spacecraft & Propulsion Company appears on The Space Show hosted by Dr. David Livingston. Mr. Wickman discussed a wide variety of topics on space exploration, rocket development and projects Wickman Spacecraft & Propulsion Company has worked on in the past and is currently working on.

  • October 31, 2008 - A new generation of tactical military weapons could come very soon from a converted World War II entertainment building at the Casper/Natrona County International Airport. John Wickman owns Wickman Spacecraft and Propulsion Co. and has been working on Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) contracts with the U.S. Army and the U.S. Air Force.

  • January 30, 2008 - Wickman Spacecraft & Propulsion Company demonstrates the technology required for a new method of "real time" thrust management for Space booster, metallized solid propellants. Under sponsorship from a US Air Force Research Laboratory contract, WSPC has demonstrated the key technology required to throttle a solid rocket motor from "idle" to full power in real time. This breaks down a major barrier between solid and liquid propulsion systems for Space boosters and launch vehicle applications. Previous methods of throttling solid rocket motors has focused on pintle nozzles, but WSPC's new control method does not use a pintle nozzle. Further test firings are planned leading up to the demonstration of a half-scale version of WSPC's SLV third stage.

  • November 6, 2006 - Wickman Spacecraft & Propulsion Company (WSPC) has been awarded a Phase II, two year contract by the United States Air Force Research Laboratory at Edwards Air Force Base, California to develop and demonstrate rapid response, small launch vehicle (SLV) technologies. WSPC has proposed to the Air Force an SLV that can put 2,000 lbs of payload into low earth orbit for $5 million per launch. It uses innovative solid rocket motors with special nozzles to provide real time thrust control and steering. It also uses a unique exit cone that ensures optimum performance at all flight altitudes. The propellant is an environmentally friendly, safe, phase stabilized ammonium nitrate propellant developed by WSPC. For more information click here.

  • October 6, 2006 - Wickman Spacecraft & Propulsion Company (WSPC) has been awarded a two year contract by the United States Army to develop and demonstrate a new solid rocket motor with an innovative pintle rocket nozzle. The rocket nozzle not only controls the thrust level of the missile, but also provides thrust vector control to steer it. The U.S .military needs more capable tactical missiles to hit more sophisticated enemy aircraft and fast moving ground targets. WSPC’s new rocket motor would significantly enhance American tactical missile capabilities.

  • April 6, 2006 - The Air Force Research Laboratory published an article on WSPC's work on a new Small Launch Vehicle (SLV) on its homepage. The SLV's propellant is WSPC's high performance, environmentally friendly, low cost, phase stabilized ammonium nitrate (PSAN) space booster propellant. Its unique SLV solid rocket motors provide real time controllable thrust with a unique expansion-deflection (E-D) exit cone. For more information click here.

  • July 17, 2004 - Natrona County School District (NCSD), Casper College and University of Cincinnati students successfully launched the largest amateur rocket using ammonium nitrate composite propellant from the NASA Wallops Flight Range. Wickman Spacecraft & Propulsion Company was supporting development of the rocket being built by the students. For more information click here.

  • John Wickman teaches Introduction To Rocketry ES-1100 at Casper College during the Spring Semester - 2003. The students will design and build their own rocket motors and rockets. They were flown at WSPC's launch site in Casper, Wyoming to altitudes of 4,000 ft and higher.

  • Wickman Spacecraft & Propulsion Company Plans to Produce SHARP Spaceplanes. John Wickman publicly announced work already underway to design, produce and manufacture a revolutionary spaceplane based on NASA's SHARP technology. Wickman plans to follow that vehicle with a larger manned SHARP spaceplane. Click here for more information.

  • Ad Astra magazine publishes article by John Wickman called "Making That Moon Mud". The March/April 2002 issue (Vol. 14, No. 2), discusses our work in using lunar soil for making rocket propellant, concrete and a lunar base. Ad Astra magazine is published by the National Space Society.

  • Wickman Received the 2001 MAMTC Manufacturing Entrepreneur of the Year Award! during a ceremony in Greybull, Wyoming on August 21, 2001. The award was presented to Mr. Wickman by U.S. Senator Mike Enzi and Tucker Fagan, CEO of the Wyoming Business Council.

  • National Geographic Today features WSPC on the National Geographic Channel. The series discusses WSPC's low cost, launch technology in their four part series "Mission To Mars" during the week of May 14th, 2001.

  • World News Tonight with Peter Jennings does an "Up Close" report on WSPC. On October 5th, 2000, they featured WSPC's work on the SHARP program and their low cost access to Space rockets.

  • Christian Science Monitor Prints A Front Page Story on Wickman's work on the SHARP S1 booster rocket. The September 27, 2000 issue of the Christian Science Monitor discusses Wickman Spacecraft & Propulsion Company's successful approach to dropping the cost of access to Space by a factor of 10. The production methods used to manufacture the S1 booster rocket are featured in the story.

  • NASA Ames Awards contract to Wickman Spacecraft & Propulsion Company in June 2000 to begin flight testing SHARP vehicle technology.

  • Wickman Receives Manufacturing Entrepreneur of the Year Award - On August 21st, 2001, Wickman Spacecraft & Propulsion Company received the Manufacturing Entrepreneur of the Year Award from MAMTC - Wyoming in partnership with the Wyoming Business Council and University of Wyoming. Click here for more information.

  • WSPC's Carbon Dioxide/Magnesium Powder Rocket & Jet Engine Featured in Aviation Week. Aviation Week and Space Technology wrote an article on WSPC's Mars Jet Engine and Rocket Engine in their Industry Outlook column. The article is titled "Gas N Go" and appeared in the July 19th, 1999 issue.

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  • John Wickman Meets With Dan Goldin - NASA Administrator. In November 1999, the president of Wickman Spacecraft & Propulsion Company, met Dan Goldin at a Wyoming Business Alliance (WBA) meeting and reception. At the time, Mr. Goldin was Administrator of NASA and in Casper to give a talk about NASA's future missions at an evening dinner and reception. He talked to local school kids the next day about Space exploration. Mr. Wickman and Mr. Goldin discussed Wickman's work for JPL on carbon dioxide & magnesium powder rocket and jet engines as well as the status of the Bantam and SHARP programs.